Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Barsaat Ki Baat

There was this guy in Delhi, who was there for a couple of months... Being in a city of large distances and maddening traffic, he had brought with him his first love- his Royal Enfield Thunderbird.

Now he had quite a bit of time spare from work, his work finishing at 11 am everyday. So her decided he would catch up with all his friends in Delhi. And that he did. In the process there was this one girl who became a real close friend of his.

Now this friend had to go to Mumbai one fine Friday evening, to spend some time with her (oh so lucky) boyfriend. And she wanted someone to drop her off at the airport, as she was not too willing to trust a Delhi autowallah (which I take as a personal insult, considering that I am also a part of the three wheeler driver fraternity). So she asked this guy to pick her up from her hostel and drop her off at the airport. Our guy was only too happy to oblige.

So he reached the hostel, right on time.And what was he welcomed with?? Pouring rain. The heavens had opened up, to check the resolve of both the guy and the bike. And it being a Girls' Hostel, he could not go inside to take shelter either. No other shelter around. So he waited, and got soaked to all 206 odd bones in his body. And the girl got stuck in a traffic jam, caused by the same oh-so-welcome September rain of Delhi. So he had to wait some more.

Finally the girl arrives. On the cue, the rain lets up. And they promptly set course for the airport.

Enroute, something happens which is the only reason for this entire blog post.

The guy stops the bike at a petrol pump to fill some gas. The guy was about to take out his wallet when the girl pipes up, "You're going to drop me off, so I'll pay."

Now the guy did not like this, and told the girl as much. And years have passed, and cusecs of water has flown by in hardly moving Yamuna of Delhi, but still the girl does not know why the guy did not like her offer... Any views and/or explanations??


wildflower said...

grinning sweet! :D explanationlessly sweet! :D

Beauty and the BEast said...

I have quite a few ideas and I know you will categorically reject each and every one of them.. so let me leave at - Guys! Sigh! :p :P

Rain Girl said...

Zindagi bhar nahi bhulegi woh barsaat ki raat. . .
Feel like rewriting this post. :P

The Sage said...

@ wildflower
grinning thanks :)

The Sage said...

@ Cha
women! sigh!!

The Sage said...

@ rain girl
go ahead... re write it... am sure you'll do much more justice to it..

Rain Girl said...

@The Sage: nah.... :) its better this way