Saturday, December 18, 2010


It all boils down to choice... Choice, and causality.

You have a choice, you make a decision. The decision is a cause, which leads to a certain effect. Now having taken that decision, it is no right of yours to crib about the effects of those decision.

And when you have a shot at redemption, you want to take it. But the cost of redemption is a blow to your ego. The cost of redemption is the admission that your choice was wrong, you are the cause of the effect that is hurting you. But then, the ego is big. No, it is huge, it is monster sized. So it does not let you accept that you were wrong, that you could have been wrong, that you were the one at fault. So you lose the chance to redeem the things that you pine for, or at least you say you pine for.

It is all relative. The feeling of enjoyment you had when you made the choice was relative, and so is the feeling of sadness you experience now. The fullness then was relative, and so is the emptiness now. The ego you have to assuage is relative, and so are the relationships or lack thereof.

After all, Einstein was not too far from the truth at the time when asked to explain relativity in a layman's words he said, " In the company of a beautiful woman an hour seems like eternity while when next to a furnace and nothing else, an hour seems like eternity."


Rain Girl said...

love that quote. and this post. you have such a wonderful way of telling exactly how you feel, without revealing it all.

rainboy said...

If someone hurts someone physically and the person who was hurt want to take revenge is that ego issue too ?

should the person who was hurt let it go and forgive? say it was his mistake to let the other one hurt him/her ?

* these thoughts came after reading this...what do you think?

Amrita said...

yes. talk is cheap. if you dont like it, change it, otherwise, shut the fuck up.

and again - the shots at redemption - you've to create situations.. not crib abt how u got no chance to correct ur faults.

sounds cruel. but then actions speak. and if ur words and actions dont go together, then plz STFU :P

omg i unloaded all my passive gussa from somewhere right here in ur comment box.

The Sage said...

@ rain girl
thanks :)

The Sage said...

@ rainboy
physical hurt is something that hurts the least... i never say you should forget... i say forgive but not forget!!
and by not forgetting, at least the injured person has some memory to bank upon when faced with a similar situation in the future so as to take better decisions and not get hurt again...

The Sage said...

@ dodo
you're most welcome to take all your gussa out here...

Anonymous said...
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