Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Half Remarkable Question

I was sitting. And pondering. And that is not a good situation for me to be in, for in such a case I begin thinking of things I have no control over, no means of changing.

But today, Lady Luck was smiling on me, or so it would seem. Cos I chanced upon something that would do all the thinking for me, and let me just drown in it and go off to a comfortable stupor. So, I am sharing it here. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting before you the Incredible String Band.

Who moved the black castle
Who moved the white queen
When Gimmel and Daleth where standing between?
Out of the evening growing a veil

Pining for the pine woods that ached for the sail

There's something forgotten I want you to know
The freckles of rain are telling me so
O it's the old forgotten question
What is that we are part of?
What is it that we are?

And an elephant madness has covered the sun
The judge and the juries they play for the fun
They've torn up the roses and washed all the soap
And the martyr who marries them dares not elope
O it's the never realised question

O long O long e're yet my eyes
Braved the gates enormous fire
And the body folded 'round me
And the person in me grew

The flower and its petal
The root and its grasp
The earth and its bigness
The breath and its gasp
The mind and its motion
The foot and its move
The life and its pattern
The heart and its love
O it's the half-remarkable question.