Sunday, January 30, 2011

Of Flags And Flagrantly (Funny?) Fundamental Failures...

I know this post is a bit behind the times, but I do feel behind the times right now.

It is behind the times because it is about proposed plans of Ms Sushma Swaraj and company from BJP Inc to hoist the national flag at Lal Chowk in Srinagar on 26 Jan.

But before I put forth my views, let me make one thing clear. I think BJP is a bag full of stinking donkey excreta, and so is the Congress. I do not think either of them is worthy of my attention, forget about following or affiliation.

Coming to the reason for this diatribe, I was following the story of the B people trying to hoist the flag in Srinagar, and the C (and the NC) people stopping them from doing so. I was following this story, and getting disgusted. My point is, as a free citizen of India, I should be allowed to exercise my constitutionally guaranteed right of hoisting my national flag at any place inside the country, unless specifically delineated out of bounds in the Constitution.

Now, coming to the rationale behind not allowing the flag hoisting. It was said that this is sheer political opportunism, to which I may or may not subscribe but that is, in my views, inconsequential. It was said that this is a law and order disaster in the making, what with the valley just about limping back to normalcy after months of boiling rage. Again, I may or may not agree, but for argument's sake, let us concede this point.

Does the threat of an imminent law and order breakdown allow the government to withdraw the fundamental rights of a citizen? I agree that the citizen in question may not be following his fundamental duties but this does not mean that the government, as the executor and guarantor of the individual's fundamental rights, has the authority to take the easy way out in carrying out its own duty of maintaining law and order by crushing remorselessly the rights of the individual.

A case which comes to mind is that of Rev Terry Jones from Florida, USA who wanted to burn copies of the Holy Qu'ran on 11 Sept 2010. It was stupid, almost entire US agreed. It was dangerous for the troops deployed in the East, entire US agreed. But there was no government intervention except in an advisory capacity. There was no move to forcefully stop him from doing so, even in the face of international pressure.

I am not a fan of USA and its policies. But I do admire its sincerity in upholding the fundamental rights of its citizens. And I do admire its media, or at least sections of it, for presenting the news in an unbiased manner.

After all this, I am left wondering when, if ever, will we mature as a nation and realise the importance of our rights and their inviolability.


Rain Girl said...

Somehow I knew you would feel this way. Funnily enough, you convinced me too.

Shhhh, it's a secret said...

I assure, you, for 96% of Americans, it was about the Constitution. Being
more or less welcoming or trustful or mistrustful is one thing, but even more conservative Americans do not support the message of tasteless, inflammatory intolerance.

Amrita said...

longtime no update

The Sage said...

@ raingirl

The Sage said...

@ Shh...
agree completely... but then, it is the Constitution which prevailed, innit?

The Sage said...

@ dodo
updated :)